FS01 - Universal Floor Spring

Materials: Cast iron body.


• Universal for right, left or double action doors.
• Suitable for timber, metal and glass doors.
• Hold open at 90°, 110° or multipoint 110°- 180° (hinge effect).
• Adjustment directions to solve fl oor level problems without taking down the door.
• Wide range of vertical adjustment (20 mm.) to solve problems of undue door friction without need of additional spindle extensions,
  or for mounting
underneath carpeted fl oors.
• Opening up to 180° in both swings with hydraulic control from approx 110°. Free rotation from 110° to 180°.
• Closing speed controlled by two easily adjustable indipendent non critical valves.
• Soft closing or powerful latching action to ensure proper closing also in case of hard-to-latch locks.
• Architectural fi nishes: coverplates in polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel.
• Available with Italian or German spindle.

Universal mounting

All models are suitable for right, Ieft or double acting doors by just changing the accessories.

Closing Power

It is a UNIVERSAL floor spring. Its closing force makes it suitable for doors up to 1000 mm. wide 2300 mm. high.
Weighing up to 120 kg.

Closing control

Valve D controls the closing speed from 110° to 15°.
Valve E controls the closing speed from 15° to 0° (final latch).
Turn clockwise to decrease speed.
Turn anti-clockwise to increase speed.
Adjustment of clearance between hinge jamb and door stile: loosen screws B and C.
Adjustment of door height: loosen screws B, C and adjust screws A.
Centering door: loosen screws B and C.