AT80 E Y Z16

Description & Features

Gear motor in oil bath, for sliding gates with an intensive use for leaf up to 800Kg or residential use for leaf up to 1200Kg.
Maximum safety thanks to the mechanical anti-crush clutch system in oil bath which reduces the thrust force of the gate in case of obstacle.
AT80E is equipped by the control unit SLIDE 230 with 433,92Mhz radio receiver integrated.
AT80E can be secured to the ground with either a pivoting or fixed support.
The pivoting support enables functioning even when the guide on the ground is not perfectly leveled preventing mechanical stress.

- Power supply : 230V
- Absorbed power max. : 330W
- Absorbed current max. : 1,8A
- Max thrust force : 1400N (with pinion Z16)
1120N (with pinion Z20)
- Linear speed : 9,5m/min (Z16)
12,0m/min (Z20)
- Max gate weight : 1200kg (Z16)
800kg (Z20)
- Height of pinion from ground : 70mm
- Operating temperature : -20° / +70°C
- Protection class : IP44

Normatives & Certifications

Manufacturer's CE declaration - AT80 PDF